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Hello, my name is Luboš Běhounek and on internet I am usually using nickname Satik.

Currently I work as developer in Bohemia Interactive Simulations k.s., where the main project is VBS (Virtual Battle Space), that is 3D simulation training solution for armies all over the world, it is used for example by U.S. Army, French Air Forces or Swedish Armed Forces. I am part of tools team, so mostly I am working on tools like map editor, model format converters, model viewers, data packing, VBS launcher, licencing background and similar tasks.

In free time I like to go out and explore new places while doing geocaching or create games and other programs (some of them you can find in the downloads section) and I like to play competetive computer games - I used to play Quake / Unreal Tournament / Warcrafts / Starcrafts / CoD1-4 / CS1.6 / DotA and now I play mostly Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Following table shows list of my current and previous jobs and list of technologies I used there:

2013-nowBohemia Interactive Simulations k.s.C++, DirectX, wxWidgets, MFC, WinApi, C#, Orchard
2012-2013ARET Praha s.r.o.ASP.NET, MSSQL, Visual Basic, DevExpress
2009-2012CIS s.r.o.C#, MOGRE, PHP, Delphi

If you are interested in more details, you can look into my linkedin profile